Van Jones, a long-time green jobs advocate and one-time White House special advisor for green jobs, is back in the limelight. While I’m not surprised that Jones’ work is once again the focus of media attention, I’m a bit surprised as to what it was that inspired this work – the Tea Party. That’s right, the conservative Tea Party movement impressed Jones so much that he formed his own, albeit more liberal, organization: Rebuild The Dream.


Jones discussed the topic in an article that appears on


“The way they were able to gather so many organizations and individuals under an open-source brand. There just wasn’t a voice on the economy for progressives and moderates that was coherent and passionate like them. I thought that was really fascinating, so I studied them.”


Jones debuted the Rebuild The Dream organization, which focuses on a variety of social and economic issues, in August and then sponsored the American Dream Summit in October. The organization continues to grow and with a charismatic leader like Jones at its helm, I expect that it will keep drawing in new supporters as the nation prepares for the 2012 Presidential Election.


Read more about Jones and the American Dream Movement on Politico: The return of Van Jones.

Van Jones is back
The long-time green jobs advocate is expanding his focus to a variety of social and economic issues.