In August and September 2009, conservative media outlets were all aflutter about “communist” Van Jones having an official position in the White House. Although Van Jones clearly stated that he was not a czar, this name stuck and eventually the controversy about his background led Jones to make the decision to step down as the White House Special Advisor for Green Jobs. Jones’ work with green jobs started well before his White House position, and supporters knew that it would continue after he stepped down.

Today, the Washington Post is reporting that Van Jones will be officially back in action soon as he returns to the Center for American Progress to continue his work on the green jobs front. In addition to the position at the Center for American Progress, Jones will also begin teaching at Princeton University this summer as a distinguished visiting fellow at the school’s Center for African American Studies and the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs.

In discussing his return to the Center for American Progress, Jones said, “"I'm getting back engaged because we have this huge jobs crisis. People are pulling their hair out, saying, 'What can we do?' And I think I can make a contribution.” Source: Washington Post

Jones will be leading a green opportunity initiative at the Center for American Progress. In this position, Jones will continue his work championing green jobs for low-income, minorities, and other under-served communities.

Van Jones is back in action
Van Jones will be returning to the Center for American Progress to continue his work as a green jobs advocate.