David Gottfried, co-founder of the U.S. Green Building Council, sat down to interview Van Jones about how the green movement can help fix the collapse of the environment as well as the collapse of the economy. The result of the interview is a poignant six-minute video in which Jones describes the green movement as “deeper than a solar panel.”

In the interview, Jones describes how bad times lead to good things whether it is in one’s personal life or on a level like we are experiencing now. We are in the middle of two major crises, but Gottfried says “out of crisis can come enormous growth and opportunity.”

However, Gottfried and Jones go beyond simply addressing the triple bottom line of economics, the environment and social equity and discuss the human spirit that is missing from the green movement. Now is the time to inject the human spirit into this growing movement and begin to emerge from these environmental and economic predicaments.

Photo by psd