Green jobs guru Van Jones has voiced his support of the Vote Again 2010 movement, which was created to encourage young Americans to get out and vote again in 2010. During this short video clip, Jones says there are more people employed in the wind industry than the coal industry, but you don’t hear people asking where are the coal jobs are — an obvious jab at the green jobs naysayers.

Jones describes how young Americans not only have a solid grasp of the what’s going on in the United States but also what is going on at the global level and this includes the importance of green jobs and a clean energy economy.

If you’re a young American planning to vote again in 2010, you can record a video of your own and enter it into the Vote Again 2010 Video Contest. Simply record a one to five-minute video answering one of three questions:

  • Why do you plan to vote again in 2010?
  • Why should young people vote again in 2010?
  • How do you plan to inspire participation in our democracy?
Submissions need to be received by Oct. 19, 2010, and if your video is chosen as the grand prize winner, you’ll receive $5,000.

Photo: Pocheco/Flickr

Van Jones: Vote Again 2010
The young American voting movement was strong in 2008 but Van Jones and others are encouraging them to Vote Again 2010.