In February, I first wrote about the Veterans Green Jobs Academy. The organization’s mission is to prepare veterans for one of the many green jobs of  both today and the future. Yesterday, the first training class graduated in a ceremony that was held at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Golden, Colo. The class completed the Home Energy Auditor Training (HEAT) program and the veterans are now prepared to take advantage of the job opportunities that are available due to the government’s grants for weatherization and energy efficiency projects.

“The 15 graduates of this HEAT program represent all branches of the military and all regions of the country. They have successfully completed a rigorous eight-week training program to gain skills in environmental studies, energy efficiency and conservation and weatherization. The Veterans Green Jobs Academy also helps veterans retool for meaningful green careers in land conservation and restoration, green building and retrofitting, disaster preparedness and response, and urban forestry.”  Source: Veterans Green Jobs

Although the training program did not begin until March, many participants began participating in online, self-study programs in February 2009 to better prepare themselves for the program. Once the official HEAT program began, the coursework was broken down into three weeks of direct education and five weeks of on-the-job training.

A second training program is scheduled to begin this month with a third scheduled for August. For more information on signing up for one of the training programs, visit the Veterans Green Jobs Academy website.

Photo: Paul Keleher

Veterans prepared for energy audits
The first class of trainees has graduated from the Veterans Green Jobs Academy, and the veterans are now prepped to conduct energy audits.