Wal-Mart has completed another eco-friendly project.  Select Wal-Mart and Sam’s Clubs locations in California were a part of a 4.1 MW (megawatt) solar panel project with BP Solar.   

“The 4.1 MW project consists of nearly twenty-four thousand solar panels expected to produce 6.7 million kWh of electricity per year. This is estimated to eliminate 4,786 Metric Tons of CO2 per year and is the equivalent of removing 877 cars from the road.”  Source: PR Newswire

 Solar panels were placed on Wal-Mart stores in Beaumont, Chino, Palm Springs and Santa Ana.  Sam’s Clubs locations in Glendora, La Habra and Palm Desert were fitted with the products from BP Solar.  

Other recent green measures taken by Wal-Mart include the creation of the Green Jobs Council, offering more eco-friendly products to its customers and reducing the use of plastic bags by selling reusable bags in its stores.

Photo by Shangri-La Construction

Wal-Mart solar project completed
BP Solar finishes its 4.1 MW solar project for California-based Wal-Mart stores.