Yesterday I wrote about the latest Recovery Act update report, which focused on the economic innovations that have been fostered because of ARRA funding. Although the report provides a comprehensive look at how clean energy, transportation, information technology, and the health care sectors have benefitted directly from the Recovery Act, the report is very in-depth and not exactly easy reading.

It is hard to sit down and scan through the report to get an idea of what exactly has happened in the last 12+ months in these sectors. To really know what changes have happened thanks to the Recovery Act, you will need to dedicate some time to the reading the document. So for those of you less inclined to read through an entire government report I present to you Vice President Joe Biden, bringing you the highlights of the report in his own words.

Photo: World Economic Forum/Flickr

Watch: Biden on economic innovation
Vice President Joe Biden updates the American public on how the Recovery Act has helped foster economic innovation.