Global competition, education and innovation have been a common theme during President Barack Obama’s weekly addresses this year. The Feb. 26, 2011, address continues the theme as the president discusses how investments made today are essentially a down payment on the future of our nation.

“Each of these places reminds us that investments in education, innovation, and infrastructure are an essential down payment on our future. But they also remind us that the only way we can afford these investments is by getting our fiscal house in order.  Just like any family, we have to live within our means to make room for things we absolutely need.”
 Source: The White House

This comes as Congress is still working on the budget and non-essential federal employees across the nation are wondering if they’ll be receiving a paycheck next week. Too bad my five reasons to get out of debt now don’t really apply to running a government.

Photo: RambergMediaImages/Flickr

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President Obama continues to focus on the importance of investing in education, innovation and infrastructure as a down payment on our future.