It’s a tough job market. From new college graduates to mid-career professionals looking for employment after being downsized, there are millions of Americans out there searching for a new job. Networking may be what sets you apart from your competition but you have to make sure that you network the right way. Even in today’s always-on digital age, face-to-face networking is a must.


Keith Feinberg, a professional recruiter at Robert Half, shares several networking tips that will help you get noticed. Did you know that if you attend an event it is better to have a meaningful conversation with a few people than it is to have a quick 30-second conversation with dozens of people? After even a short but substantive conversation, take a minute to write a note to yourself that includes details about the conversation, the individual’s name and contact information. After the event, follow-up promptly.


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Even in the digital age, face-to-face networking is a must.