President Obama continues to speak on the importance of innovation during his weekly address. This week, Obama discussed the work being carried out at Penn State University and how it will help the nation create more jobs.

“On Thursday, I went to Penn State University, whose students and researchers are poised to lead the way on innovation and job creation.  They’re taking up the challenge we’ve issued to scientists and engineers all across the country:  if you assemble teams of the best minds in your field, and focus on tackling the biggest obstacles to providing America with clean, affordable energy, we’ll get behind your work.  Your government will support your research.” Source: The White House

During his speech, the president pointed to the lowering unemployment rate as evidence that the nation is moving in the right direction but that we need to pick up the pace with job creation. With only 36,000 new jobs added and 600,000 new marginally attached workers, the pace definitely needs to be picked up. Hopefully the continued focus on global competition, especially in the green energy arena, will help us pick up the job creation pace.

Photo: Joe Crimmings Photography/Flickr

Watch: Obama on innovation at Penn State
The innovation theme continues in this week’s Presidential address.