Since President Obama delivered his 2011 State of the Union, global competition and preparation for the future has been a common theme in his public addresses. This week's Presidential address focuses on how a proper and thorough education for our children today will help America succeed in the future. While this may sound like common sense, the educational system in many parts of the nation is being severely impacted by the financial crisis. If we cut corners with our kids' education today, we are setting ourselves up for future failure.

"If we want to win the global competition for new jobs and industries, we’ve got to win the global competition to educate our people.  We’ve got to have the best trained, best skilled workforce in the world.  That’s how we’ll ensure that the next Intel, the next Google, or the next Microsoft is created in America, and hires American workers." Source: The White House

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Watch: Obama on kids and our future
President Obama's weekly address focuses on the importance of a proper education for today's youth.