President Obama continued his public push for passage of the American Jobs Act during his most recent weekly address. Since he first introduced his plan to solve the nation's job crisis on Sept. 8, Obama has taken every opportunity he can to publicly urge Congress to pass the plan as soon as possible.


The president also took the time to address his naysayers by reiterating that the changes in this bill will not add to the nation's debt.


"It will create new jobs. It will cut taxes for every worker and small business in the country. And it will not add to the deficit. It will be paid for. On Monday, I'll lay out my plan for how we’ll do that — how we'll pay for this plan and pay down our debt by following some basic principles: making sure we live within our means and asking everyone to pay their fair share."


For more information on the plan, check out MNN's coverage of the American Jobs Act:


Photo: The White House/Flickr

Watch: Obama on the American Jobs Act
President Obama continues to focus on fixing the nation's job crisis.