The national deficit and job creation was on President Obama’s mind during his 4th of July weekend presidential address. Topics covered during this week’s speech include:

  • The identification of $1 trillion in spending cuts
  • Examining tax breaks to determine which the nation can afford to keep and which tax cuts need to go
  • Reducing the deficit while continuing investments in education, research and technology
  • The importance of job creation
Speaking of job creation, the official June 2011 unemployment report will be published on Friday morning. Economists have predicted that 120,000 new jobs were created last month, better than the 54,000 added in May 2011 but a far cry from what is needed to put the economic recovery into fast forward.

Photo: Oldmaison/Flickr

Watch: Obama on the deficit and job creation
The President's 4th of July weekend address focused on the nation's deficit and job creation.