If you turn on any of the national news networks, you’ll likely to see a segment about a double dip recession. The doom and gloom is everywhere and as an everyday consumer, I admit that it is hard to remain optimistic when all I hear is that the worst is yet to come. President Obama took a few minutes to address the slowed economic recovery during a Monday morning speech from the Rose Garden.

During his speech, President Obama asked that the partisan political games come to an end as they are blocking our nation’s economic recovery. Speaking about the proposed jobs bill, the president said, “Unfortunately, this bill has been languishing in the Senate for months, held up by a partisan minority that won’t even allow it to go to a vote. That makes no sense. This bill is fully paid for. It won’t add to the deficit. And there is no reason to block it besides pure partisan politics.”

He then goes on to say, “So I ask Senate Republicans to drop the blockade. I know we’re entering election season. But the people who sent us here expect us to work together to get things done and improve this economy.” Source: The White House

The mid-term elections are just over two months away and Americans want to see some big changes in the economy. Unless something changes, incumbents, both Democrat and Republican alike, are at risk of losing their jobs because of this perceived lack of action.

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Watch: Partisan politics delaying the economic recovery
On Monday, President Obama asked for the partisan political games to stop as they are delaying the nation’s economic recovery.