During his most recent Town Hall meeting, President Obama continued his discussion about the importance of a clean energy economy. While speaking to the crowd in Racine, Wisconsin, President Obama explained how investments in clean energy can get unemployed Racine residents back to work.

He also took this opportunity to mention the importance of extending the unemployment benefits for millions of Americans that are unable to find work and are now sitting without any income. Although the June 2010 unemployment figures aren’t yet released, the numbers aren’t likely to have improved much and we will still have to face the fact that approximately 15 million Americans are unemployed.

Something needs to give to get this economy moving again and investments in clean energy may just be one way to get the economic ball rolling.

Photo: transplanted mountaineer/Flickr

Watch: President Obama in Wisconsin
President Obama discussed the importance of a clean energy economy during his June 30, 2010 speech in Racine, Wisconsin.