On Thursday, December 3, 2009, the White House Jobs and Economic Growth Forum organized business owners, community leaders, and others together in one location with one purpose: brainstorm ideas to get this nation out of the horrible unemployment slump it currently faces.

During the forum, several key topics were covered, including a discussion on the increasingly important topic of green jobs. Green jobs have received much attention from the Obama administration as they provide the country with an opportunity to address both the economic and environmental crises we currently face.

In addition to the green jobs discussion (video embedded in this article), other topics covered during the daylong White House Jobs and Economic Growth Forum include:

  • Paving the Road for Small Business Job Growth
  • Creating Jobs through the Rebuilding of America’s Infrastructure
  • Expanding Job Opportunities for American Workers Through Exports
  • Encouraging Business Competitiveness and Job creation
  • Preparing Workers and Strengthening Main Street
In addition to the meeting at the White House, community leaders across the nation were encouraged to host their own community jobs forums. The results from the individual forums will be compiled and presented to the White House at a later date.

Photo: greenforall.org/Flickr

Watch: White House green jobs forum
The video from the White House Forum on Jobs and Economic Growth Innovation Agenda and Green Jobs segment is now available online.