Insurance discounts for green buildings

Although I typically write about eco-friendly commercial buildings, I wanted to include this story in my weekend reads update. The Pennsylvania Insurance Department has approved a new green home discount program offered by Travelers Insurance. Homeowners with a LEED certified residence could qualify for a five percent discount on their homeowner’s insurance.

In addition to providing a discount for LEED certified residences, the insurance company will now offer extended coverage to these homes. Typically there is a slightly higher cost to repair or replace green home products and the new policy will have a new endorsement available that covers these costs.

New policies that begin on or after June 20, 2010 and policy renewals after August 26, 2010 will be eligible for these new programs. For more specific information, contact the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance at 877-881-6388.

Georgia-Pacific Gypsum launches online LEED calculator

I’m all about making the process of going green easier - whether it is a family trying to make more eco-friendly choices are a large corporation breaking ground on a new LEED targeted facility. Georgia-Pacific Gypsum recently launched an online LEED calculator, which does just that – makes the process a bit easier.

The calculator provides details about a Georgia-Pacific Gypsum product’s potential LEED contribution. All of this is available online and in real-time.

"The importance of sustainable construction demands that our customers have timely and accurate information on the key attributes of our products," said Barry Reid, LEED AP, and Georgia-Pacific's business development marketing manager. "As part of our ongoing commitment to our customers, we are pleased to make this valuable tool available online, so information can be easily calculated and supporting documents created." Source: Georgia-Pacific

Green building in the Philippines

Although the green building trend is popular here in the United States, we are not alone in our sustainability efforts. There is a definite worldwide green building movement. The green building movement in the Philippines has gained some new momentum tanks to a new declaration signed by the United Architects of the Philippines (UAP).

“In the declaration, the UAP vowed to support all public advocacies on environmental protection, promote  responsible resource use, assist  government programs on awareness campaigns on environmental concerns, and pursue research and development programs to improve technological advances on energy conservation and sustainability. “ Source: The Philippines Star
Weekend reads: Green building
Insurance discounts for green buildings, an online LEED calculator, and new support for green building in the Philippines.