Majora Carter on green jobs

An interview with longtime social activist Majora Carter is being featured on The Atlantic website. In the article, Carter discusses green jobs for incarcerated individuals.

“Adapting our cities to handle storm water management, urban heat island effect, and poorer air quality can be done in the most cost-effective manner by intensive urban forestation, green roofing, and comprehensive horticultural infrastructure solutions, which will provide accessible jobs to people who currently cost us billions in incarceration and services. They need jobs, and we need to adapt our cities. It's a good fit.”

Eco Education in Connecticut

Students that attend one of the four universities that make up the Connecticut State University System (CSUS) will now have access to a more comprehensive green economy academic program. A Bachelor of Science in Environmental Earth Science will be offered at Eastern Connecticut State University and a Master of Science in Geography with a specialization in Global Sustainability is offered at Central Connecticut State University. Students at Southern and Western will also have access to new eco-focused degree programs.

Update: Florida Green Jobs Training Program

A green jobs training program offered by Workforce Connection in Florida has been stopped due to the state’s dismal job market. Late last year, Fox News jumped on a story about the lack of green jobs available in Florida as proof that the movement is a failure. Of course the reporters failed to consider the fact that the Florida job market, across the board, is bleak.

Fast forward to this week with the announcement that one of the state’s training programs would be stopped. Workforce Connection still has about half of the $2.97 million in federal grant money it received for green jobs training. Kathleen Woodring, chief operating officer of Workforce, has submitted a proposal to the Department of Labor for the leftover funds.

“In the new proposal, she asks the Department of Labor to allow her staff — once hired to help with the green jobs program — to focus on getting jobs for people who already completed the program. Those jobs could be green or not. People in mid-training will be allowed to finish.”
Weekend reads: Green jobs 3/25/2011
Majora Carter on green jobs for inmates, expanded eco-education programs in Connecticut and an update on Florida’s green jobs situation.