The weekend is upon us and if you’re like me, you’ll be glued to news about the earthquake in Japan but if you want to branch out your reading a bit, check out one of these green jobs or LEED green building stories.

Taconic Region Headquarters Earns LEED Platinum Rating

The Taconic Region Headquarters of the New York State Parks received a LEED Platinum rating from the U.S. Green Building Council. Eco-friendly features include a geothermal heat pump, low VOC products, carpets with recycled content, low flow plumbing and stormwater runoff reduction measures.

Can Subsidizing Green Jobs Make Economic Sense?

Green jobs have regularly been touted as an answer to two major problems here in the United States – the environmental crisis and the recent unemployment crisis. In this article for the Science 2.0 blog, Hank Campbell looks at the viability of subsidizing green jobs.

Activision’s Call of Duty Endowment Donates $500k for Veterans’ Jobs

Despite the economic downturn, video game sales remained strong during the recession. One popular series of games, Call of Duty, is actually using its success to give back to communities affected by the unemployment crisis. Activision, maker of the war game series, is donating $500,000 to organizations that focus on helping unemployed military veterans return to work. One of the four organizations receiving funding is Veterans Green Jobs, a group that I’ve written about several times.

Chamber of Commerce: Red tape is costing green jobs

Red and green are great for Christmas but when the proverbial red tape is messing up green jobs growth here in the United States, the two colors don’t look good together. In this opinion piece for USA Today, Thomas J. Donohue looks at how 2 million new green jobs are being put in jeopardy due to governmental regulatory issues.

Obama’s Green-Jobs Fantasy

No green jobs news roundup would be complete without a little input from a green jobs naysayer. Here’s the introduction from John Stossel’s piece on “Anyone who understands basic economics already knows that President Obama's $2.3 billion green-jobs initiative was snake oil. Now, thanks to Kenneth P. Green, we have statistics as well as theory to prove it.”

Snell Isle Luxury Home "Greenest" in Florida

A 9,000 square-foot LEED Platinum home kind of sounds like an oxymoron – an eco-friendly single-family residence with 9,000 square feet of living space. However, the Snell Isle home was designed and built with LEED certification in mind – from the rainwater collection system that is used to flush toilets to the 28 solar panels providing energy to the house.

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