Green jobs have been in the spotlight over the past month as the Obama administration is focusing on increasing global competition through innovation, including innovation in the clean energy industry. Catch up on the latest green jobs news in this cheers and jeers weekend reads edition.

Will San Francisco’s new green building ordinance boost green jobs in the city? With a mandate for energy audits and the like, it is likely that there will be a slight bump in demand for certain green jobs in the coming years.

Ronald Bailey looks at The Unseen Consequences of “Green Jobs” – specifically the higher cost of clean energy leading businesses to have less money for hiring. This is a different take on the green jobs come with traditional job losses outlook.

One of the workshops at this week’s Good Jobs Green Jobs Conference examined the importance of investing in a sustainable economy. Lisbeth Kaufman with the Center for American Progress provides us with a recap of the discussion.

Conservative columnist calls on Evergreen Solar’s closing as proof that green jobs are not evergreen jobs. In this day and age, no job is an evergreen job. Look at the Michigan – the auto industry kept that state running on fast-forward for decades and when it crashed it took the whole state’s economy with it.

This headline at Treehugger caught my eye – Green Jobs Don’t Break Windows. Read what Brian Merchant thinks about what may happen if the new EPA Clean Air Act guidelines are put into place.

What was your favorite green jobs news story of the week?

Weekend reads: Green jobs cheers and jeers
Catch up on the latest good and bad news about the green jobs movement.