If you’re preparing for the Friday night commute home you may want to skip these stories about people that don’t have to face a brutal commute. Then again, these stories may inspire you to try to fit teleworking into your schedule.

Trio works from anywhere in the world

Freelancers have more flexibility than traditional office workers but one benefit of teleworking is that it can be done from just about anywhere in the world. The trio of Jessica and Kobus Mans (husband and wife) and Jared McCaffree (Jessica’s brother) work remotely from locations around the world.

“This adventurous trio is sharing driving duties in Blue, a Toyota 4Runner, as they head down to the tip of South America from their home base in Seattle, Washington. They’ve been on the road since October 2011 and expect to be in Ushuaia, Argentina, where the road runs out, in another nine or 10 months. They’ve just left Central America and are now exploring Colombia.”

Avoiding Olympic traffic jams

I can only imagine the traffic nightmare in London during the Olympics and I wouldn’t want to attempt to commute to and from work, even with London’s expansive public transportation system. The good news for London workers is that 80 percent of London businesses are offering some form of telecommuting opportunity to employees.

Mandatory work from home day

While some business owners are offering a work from home option for some employees, one startup has initiated a mandatory work from home day. James Reinhart, CEO and co-founder of ThredUp, instituted “work from home Wednesdays” that have led to happier and more productive employees.

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A trio works from anywhere in the world, teleworking during the Olympics and a mandatory work from home day. If you’re preparing for the Friday night commute