Do you strive to make your office more eco-friendly while boosting employee morale and productivity? If so, you’ll enjoy these stories about the green workplace.


Dogs at work

Did you know that dogs in the workplace could actually have a positive impact on your employee’s interpersonal relationships and boost productivity? While taking your furry four-legged friend to work may sound like an extreme idea, check out these 10 companies that have turned this idea into reality.


Pittsburgh Green Workplace Challenge

If you’re in Pittsburgh and have a sustainable office space that you’d like to share with others, check out Sustainable Pittsburgh’s Green Workplace Challenge. The challenge begins on September 14, 2011 but registration is open through 9/30/2011. The yearlong challenge will run through October 2012.


Greening your small business

If you’re a small business owner and working with a smaller budget, check out this article from the Everything Small Business Journal. Green tips include taking the stairs instead of the elevator, buying small indoor plants and evaluate the restroom.


Don’t forget green cleaning

Dogs in the workplace can increase productivity but did you know green cleaning can as well? A healthier indoor environmental quality (IEQ) can mean healthier employees and healthier employees are more productive.


Do you work in a green office? If so, what’s your favorite go green tip for the workplace?