Now that the Small Business Jobs Act has passed, President Obama is speaking again about the importance of a clean energy economy. In this weekend’s weekly address, Obama discussed our growing clean energy economy, the possible job growth that will come with a green economy, and an introduction to a new solar project in the Mojave Desert.

The focus on clean energy during this week’s address falls in line with the start of National Energy Awareness Month. The Obama administration has helped foster the nation’s growing green economy through a variety of programs and funding opportunities including more than $90 billion invested through the Recovery Act.

The U.S. Department of Energy, the Environmental Protection Agency, and other government agencies have events planned throughout the month to celebration National Energy Awareness Month. For example, tomorrow the Council on Environmental Quality will be hosting a Green Government Symposium. The symposium will bring together government agencies at all levels, academia, and nonprofit organizations to discuss different ways to green the federal government.

For information on the other activities planned, visit the National Energy Awareness Month calendar for events and descriptions.

Photo: Abi Skipp/Flickr

Weekly address: Clean energy economy
President Obama kicks off National Energy Awareness Month with a weekly address focused on a clean energy economy.