Brookfield Properties – Washington, D.C.

The Brookfield Properties Corporation’s 1225 Connecticut Ave building in Washington, D.C. was awarded LEED Core & Shell (LEED-CS) Platinum certification earlier this week.

Energy efficiency upgrades made to the Connecticut Avenue property include low-emissive gas, a heat-recovery enthalpy wheel, a solar-reflective roof with an 8,000 square foot green roof segment, and floor-to-ceiling windows. Estimates show that these green upgrades will lead to a 23% reduction in energy use.

“Environmentally sensitive features were incorporated into both the base building and the interior fit-outs as the asset was being redeveloped. Ninety-two percent of the material from the existing building was used in the redevelopment process, preserving the embodied energy in the original construction of the property.“ Source: Brookfield Properties

Despite the turbulent state of the nation’s economy, the building is 100% leased.

University City Science Center – Philadelphia, PA

The University City Science Center in Philadelphia is a 10-story building filled with a variety of life science and tech companies, as well as the corporate headquarters of Science Center. The building, at 3711 Market Street, was recently awarded LEED Silver certification.

The building was designed to maximize natural lighting, utilized construction products with recycled content, low VOC products, water-efficient landscaping, and eco-friendly cleaning products. Additionally, the building sports a 35,000 square-foot green roof, which makes it one of the largest green roofs in the city.

Part of the funding for the building was provided through grants from the federal Economic Development Administration.

Potter League for Animals - Middletown, RI

With one certification, the Potter League for Animals in Middletown, RI became the first LEED Gold certified building in the state and the first LEED Gold certified animal shelter in the nation.

In order to achieve Gold level certification, the facility had to implement many green design features including wainscoting made from old soda and milk bottles, the use of highly renewable wood products, a storm water management system, low-flow plumbing, and a partial green roof.

United States Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, a member of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, praised the facility’s green design.

“Joining in with praise for the Potter League's accomplishment was noted environmentalist and former Vice President Al Gore who wrote, "Not only do your achievements reflect your organization's commitment to bettering the environment, but also your commitment to improving the lives of animals.” Source: PR Newswire

Photo courtesy of Hennessy Productions © 2009

Weekly LEED roundup – 10/9/09
Recently LEED certified properties include office buildings in Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia, PA as well as an animal shelter in Rhode Island.