REI – Round Rock, TX and Lincoln Park, IL

Recreational Equipment, Inc, better known as REI, received LEED Gold certification for two of its properties – Round Rock, Texas and Lincoln Park, Illinois. These two certifications bring the total number of REI-owned LEED certified properties to six and will help the company in its goal of becoming a climate-neutral business by 2020.

The Round Rock building is a prototype to help put green building design elements to use and then build upon these for future stores. In order to achieve LEED for Commercial Interiors (LEED-CI) Gold certification, several eco-friendly steps were taken including a highly efficient HVAC system, a green building education program, a solar panel installation, and a significant reduction in the amount of waste that resulted from the construction process. The green design features of the Round Rock building allow it to consume approximately 50% less energy than a similarly designed non-green building.

The Lincoln Park, Illinois location received points for its proximity to public transportation options and the use of natural daylighting, low-flow plumbing fixtures, and locally sourced building products.

Weekly LEED roundup – 11/6/09
Outdoor retailer REI adds two LEED Gold certified buildings to its list of certified green properties.