Geisinger Wyoming Valley’s Critical Care Building – Wilkes-Barre, PA

The Critical Care Building at Geisinger Health System’s Wyoming Valley campus in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania is a level 2 Trauma center with 12 surgical suites, a 32-bed emergency room, and a 24-bed ICU. The Critical Care Building (CCB) is also a LEED for New Construction Silver certified building.

Hospitals and other medical care facilities that operate around the clock can present some unique difficulties to green building designers.

“Creating a sustainable 24/7 acute care facility of this magnitude was extremely difficult because emergency departments typically use an exorbitant amount of energy,” said Bill Gladish, Geisinger’s director of construction. “And operating room environments are stereotypically ‘energy hogs’ to support around-the-clock, high-tech robotic and minimally invasive equipment.” Source: Geisinger

Despite the energy-taxing environment, the designers were able to create a fully functioning Level 2 trauma center that will allow Geisinger to save about $100,000 in energy costs on an annual basis.

The 178,000 square-foot LEED Silver certified CCB, which opened in September 2008, is the third LEED certified building for Geisinger. Other LEED certified buildings in the Geisinger Health System include the Henry Hood Center for Health Research in Danville, PA and Geisinger-Gray’s Woods in State College, PA.

Weekly LEED roundup – 12/11/09
The Critical Care Building at Geisinger's Wyoming Valley Campus in PA is a LEED Silver certified Level 2 trauma center.