Symantec Corp has added a second LEED Gold certification to its list of environmental commitments.  The second LEED certified Subway restaurant and a LEED Platinum rated nature center also make this week’s list.

Symantec Corp – Springfield, Oregon

The Symantec Corporation has earned its second LEED Gold certification.  Last year, the Culver City, California building received LEED-NC Gold certification.  This year, Symantec has followed it up with another LEED Gold certification, this time in the Existing Buildings:  Operations and Maintenance (EB O&M) category.  The Springfield, Oregon location uses bamboo flooring, natural light in 99% of the building’s interior spaces, ENERGY STAR equipment, an increase in onsite recycling and a landscape moisture monitoring system.

Subway – Chapel Hill, North Carolina

With more than 30,000 Subway restaurant franchises in operation, there are only two that are LEED certified.  The Market Street restaurant in Chapel Hill, North Carolina is the second LEED certified Subway building in the franchise history and the first in the state.

The renovated restaurant uses recycled floor tiles, low-flow plumbing fixtures, LED lighting, and low VOC products.  The first LEED certified Subway restaurant is located in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.

Swaner EcoCenter – Park City, Utah

The 10,000 square foot Swaner EcoCenter in Park City, Utah has been awarded LEED Platinum certification.  “The EcoCenter experience elevates visitors’ awareness of local and global environmental issues and promotes an informed respect for the natural world.”  Source:  Swaner EcoCenter

The facility uses low-flow and waterless plumbing, smart lighting, and a solar panel installation for onsite electricity generation.  Additionally, 75% of the building materials used during the construction process came from reclaimed, recycled, or rapidly renewable sources.

Photo by Derrick Coetzee

Weekly LEED roundup – 6/26/09
Symantec and Subway boast their second LEED certifications while a nature center in Utah earns a LEED Platinum rating.