SkySong – Scottsdale, Arizona
The SkySong ASU Scottsdale Innovation Center is a mixed-use project encompassing 1.2 million square feet on a site that has been vacant for years.  The project, located at Scottsdale and McDowell Road, is on the site of the old Los Arcos Mall.  After the mall was torn down, the site sat vacant for years.

Now, the new SkySong project is being built in phases and the end product will include office, research, and retail space as well as a hotel, conference center, and multi-family residential dwellings. 

The first phase of the facility was recently awarded LEED Silver certification.  This makes the project one of the few non-government LEED Silver (or higher) certified buildings in the metropolitan Phoenix area.

“Some of the techniques included designing buildings in such a way as to minimize their energy use, minimizing water use by the project, recapturing water from sources such as air-conditioning condensation, and minimizing the heat island effect. “  Source:  SkySong

As the temperature has topped 115 degrees many times over the past few weeks in the region, patrons at SkySong are likely to be very thankful for the measures taken to reduce the heat island effect.

Pizza Fusion - Mesa, Arizona
MNN has named Pizza Fusion as one of the top 10 organic fast food restaurants.  Pizza Fusion customers have their pizzas delivered in a hybrid vehicle, the restaurants offset their energy usage, and many are LEED certified.  The latest addition to this prestigious LEED certified list is Mesa, Arizona location.

This fast food and organic pizza restaurant is the first LEED certified restaurant in the entire state.  There are some great organic restaurants in the state but Pizza Fusion is the first to come through with LEED certification. 

"Pizza Fusion Mesa's eco-elements include countertops made from recycled concrete and glass, soy stained concrete floors, tables made from renewable Kirei wood, eco-friendly paints, 30% recaptured industrial concrete, energy star certified appliances, insulation made from recycled blue jeans, ceiling baffles made from recycled composite board, low voltage, low heat lighting, and much more - all the way down to the 100 percent recycled toilet paper in its bathrooms."  Source:  PRWeb

Photo by PRWeb

Weekly LEED roundup – 7/31/09
A multi-purpose facility and Arizona's first LEED certified restaurant are featured in this week's LEED roundup.