Brooklyn Children’s Museum – New York

Brooklyn Children’s Museum is the first LEED certified museum in New York City. The museum’s expansion earned LEED Silver certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

In order to achieve enough points for LEED certification, the museum used recycled materials, geothermal heating and cooling, and solar panels. The facility also user a variety of sensors to help control its energy use: carbon dioxide, occupancy, and daylight sensors are all in use.

The solar array at the museum isn’t just a traditional roof-mounted system. In addition to the solar array on the roof, the South and East side of the building is covered with 48 solar panels each. The museum will have energy production figures available on its website, but at press time it didn’t appear to be operational just yet.

Hannaford – Augusta, Maine

The newest Hannaford supermarket in Augusta, Maine, was recently awarded LEED Platinum certification. With this award, Hannaford becomes the first grocery store chain in the nation to have a store earn Platinum level certification. The store has a green roof, a solar array and dozens of skylights. Additionally, geothermal wells are used to both cool and heat the building.

“Counters at the pharmacy desk are made of a paper-bamboo-fiber composite. Wooden department signs are made of recycled material. Even eyeglasses sold in the store are made from reclaimed plastic, recycled metal and bamboo. Waste material from each department is composted and picked up by local farmers.” Source: Forbes

To check out the first LEED Platinum certified grocery store in the nation, visit the store at 118 Cony Street.

Weekly LEED roundup – 8/7/09
NYC's first LEED certified museum and the greenest grocery store in the U.S. are featured in this week’s LEED roundup.