The midterm elections are over and there has been a shift of power in the House of Representatives. Environmental advocates are already concerned that the climate talks are essentially tabled for the next few years and this naturally leads to concerns about green jobs. Without climate legislation, will the clean energy industry continue to grow and will more Americans find work in a green economy?

Of course I don’t have the answers, I merely have an opinion and I’m of the opinion that the midterm elections are likely to have a negative impact on green jobs. Sure we still have Recovery Act funding allocated to green jobs training but once those funds run out, the green jobs movement may end up in a holding pattern.

The state of the nation’s economy was on many voters’ minds as they headed to the polls yesterday. A quick live poll conducted by a news anchor in my hometown yesterday showed that 100 percent of those queried were most concerned about the economy or unemployment. With green jobs growth outpacing jobs growth in other industries, at least according to a study by the Pew Charitable Trusts, one would think that supporting legislators who support green jobs would be an easy decision. Unfortunately, this isn’t what happened.

One bit of good news for the green jobs movement is the defeat of California Proposition 23, which would have halted the environmental measures set forth in AB32. So for the near term, we should at least see the clean energy industry supported in California.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic. What impact do you think the election will have on green jobs?

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What impact will the election have on green jobs?
Will the growing green economy come to a standstill or will we continue to see growth in the clean energy industry?