It is hard to land a job in today’s tough employment market but it is not impossible. In fact, 20 Fortune 100 companies have a total of 96,000 job openings. Yes, 96,000 job openings at 20 companies and one of them may have your name on it.

The list of job opening appears on and the company with the most open positions is mega bank J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. According to the article, there are 15,550 current openings with 12,000 positions available here in the United States. Open positions range from customer service agents and collectors to business bankers and branch managers.

If you’re a tech geek, why not apply for one of the nearly 14,000 open positions with Best Buy. The company is hiring for both its corporate offices as well as at retail stores across the country, including Counter Intelligence Agents for the Best Buy Geek Squad. If you love computers and helping consumers, joining the Geek Squad is the job for you.

Target is another big box store with thousands of openings, 6,300 to be exact. The company plans to hire 6,300 employees and 1,400 interns at its corporate offices, retail stores and distribution centers. Jobs vary from web developers to nurse practitioners and pharmacists.

While knowing that there are hundreds of thousands of open positions out there, landing the job is more difficult than finding it. Before you rush to the company’s website to fill out an application that may get lost in the shuffle, take some time to read up on how to stand out in today’s tight job market.

You're hired!
Twenty Fortune 100 companies have over 96,000 job openings.