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14 green prisons

By: Andrew Schenkel on Oct. 25, 2010, 11:05 a.m.
view of island prison from afar

Photo: AstridWestvang/Flickr

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Bastoey Prison in Norway

Bastoey Prison in Norway takes the green living concept to a new level. The same year that Butner became the first LEED certified prison in the U.S., Bastoey became the world’s first ecological prison. Bastoey has solar panels and a wood fire heating system instead of oil heat. Prisoners eat ecologically friendly food that was grown with no chemicals, insecticides or artificial fertilizers. Bastoey’s inmates live in unlocked houses and are collectively responsible for caring for 200 chickens, eight horses, 40 sheep and 20 cows. The inmates also maintain the fields surrounding the prison. There is even a 30-foot fishing boat for prisoners. All of this has earned the prison the nickname “Bastoey Country Club.”