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17 amazing green college campuses

By: Mary Jo DiLonardo on Feb. 24, 2015, 1:18 p.m.
Georgia Institute of Technology

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Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Tech's Carbon Neutral Energy Solutions Laboratory (CNES) is an applied energy living-learning laboratory that houses energy researchers, faculty and students who collaborate with industry leaders to take innovative ideas from design to testing to market. There are 15 LEED-certified buildings on this Atlanta campus and, since 2009, all buildings and renovations have been built to LEED gold-certified status. The school offers more than 350 courses with a sustainability focus with the goal that every student take at least one by graduation. The school has one of the world’s largest grid-attached rooftop photovoltaic solar systems. Georgia Tech's 1,400,000-gallon rainwater-collecting cistern is the largest on any U.S. campus with the water used for irrigation and flushing.