What’s in a number? A lot...especially when you attach it to one very important word: jobs. Jobs affect every part of life and help make up the very fabric of a community. Georgia-Pacific is a large part of the fabric in the more than 200 U.S. communities where it does business. However, aside from direct numbers of people Georgia-Pacific employs - approximately 33,000 - there’s more to consider when thinking about the ripple effect of every job. Our infographic breaks down a few statistics.

On average, for every one job Georgia-Pacific creates, approximately three more jobs are created in a community. Take Oregon as one example - Georgia-Pacific has nine facilities and two offices in the state employing approximately 2,200 people directly. Those jobs create an additional 8,000 jobs indirectly through the support of local businesses by Georgia-Pacific employees and the facilities where they work.

A paper machine operator in an Oregon facility, for example, might purchase his weekly groceries at locally-owned JC Market in Newport, buy plants and gardening tools from Toledo Feed & Seed in Toledo, or eat a family dinner at Fultano’s Pizza in Clatskanie. The facility where he works might purchase operational supplies such as fuel from Carson Oil in Portland. These are just a few examples of how Georgia-Pacific jobs are supporting communities across the country and helping to keep them strong.

Employees in Georgia-Pacific communities are also actively contributing to the local economy not only with their paychecks, but with their time. They are volunteer fire fighters, city commissioners, medical center board members and youth mentors.

Aside from providing quality jobs, Georgia-Pacific also strongly believes in providing employees with job readiness training and funding community-based educational programs that help youth transition from school to the workforce. The scholarships and technical programs the company funds give students and employees the skills necessary to succeed in today's workplace.

Georgia-Pacific has always had a focus on creating value to keep communities sustainable for the long-term, from developing quality products that consumers prefer, which in turn creates jobs, to providing employees with skills training to move ahead, to supporting local businesses.

That’s value that’s hard to put a number on.

Beyond the Numbers: Georgia-Pacific Jobs Help Communities Stay Strong
What’s in a number? A lot...especially when you attach it to one very important word: jobs.