Wave one hand in front of an enMotion® dispenser and you get a paper towel, wave the other - you get a car - or at least a dispenser turned into a car part.

Yep, it might seem like magic, but turning the enMotion family of dispensers into car parts is no “abracadabra,” but a strategic approach to responsibly and sustainably managing GP and other manufacturers’ dispensers from the beginning to the end of the life cycle.

The “Return- Refurbish-Recycle Dispenser Recovery Program,” part of GP Professional’s Green By Design® portfolio of products and services, offers customers a sustainable end-of-life solution for their existing, older dispensers. Those GP dispensers that can be refurbished are, but those that can’t are recycled into plastic components used in automobiles. The program recycles enMotion and other dispensers and provides the customer with recycling documentation that the dispensers have been “put to rest” sustainably.

“We work hard to profitably anticipate and satisfy customer needs, and because of our commitment to sustainability, we created a sustainable option for dispensers no longer in use,” said Dan Silk, vice president – environmental sustainability. “And while it is impossible for a manufacturer to be solely responsible for executing a ‘cradle-to- grave’ solution, our program has been a good experiment that allows (a relatively low-cost and low-risk experimentation that allowed) us to address customer needs, eliminate waste and earn new business.”

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