With a documented track record of successful installations spanning nearly 25 years, DensDeck® Roof Boards lead the category of fiberglass mat gypsum roof boards. Our roof boards have earned wide acceptance in the commercial roofing industry for their strength and versatility, and will add durability and sustainability to any commercial roofing system.

Take a closer look at few of the traits that make DensDeck Roof Boards a favorite:

Reducing noise pollution

Did you know that noise intrusions can affect healing in a hospital or nursing home, learning and concentration in schools, and the quality of family life in homes or apartments? It’s true – and that’s one reason that Georgia-Pacific continues to innovate and lead with DensDeck Roof Boards.

We’re proud to announce that DensDeck Roof Boards are the first in their category to reach superior sound resistance in Sound Transmission Class ratings (STC) and Outdoor Indoor Transmission Class (OITC) ratings. This achievement is especially important as new code and building programs call for sound mitigation in wall and roof-ceiling assemblies, particularly in high noise areas.

STC and OITC ratings are measures of resistance of a building element (e.g., roof) to sound penetration based on different assumptions regarding the frequency content of the sound. Higher STC and OITC ratings indicate better sound resistance for the specific assumptions of the rating. DensDeck Roof Boards have a STC rating of up to 61 and an OITC rating of up to 49.

“The new roofing assemblies we’ve configured and tested are an industry first,” says DensDeck Technical Manager Reinhard Schneider. “In addition to providing the durability and long-term performance customers have come to expect from DensDeck, we have verified significant sound remediation benefits.”

Contributing to LEED certification

Many standards, codes and green building programs, include those for ASHRAE, ANSI, HUD, DoD and LEED, require or give extra credit by improving isolation from outdoor sounds. In U.S. Green Building Council LEED projects, DensDeck may contribute to materials and resources-recycled content and materials and resources-regional certification points. In addition, the assemblies tested can be specified for new construction, as well as for remediation projects on existing buildings.

Supporting green roofs

As standards for energy-efficiency and green building change, so too are roofs and the weight they have to support. Added insulation, solar-powered roof systems and vegetative roofs all place an extra burden on buildings– and often translates to additional maintenance and increased foot traffic on the roof.

DensDeck Roof Boards can carry the added weight, protect the other layers of the roof and stand up to the wear and tear of time – all to help ensure the long-term preservation of a building’s green energy system.


When it comes to sustainability and energy conservation, Georgia-Pacific DensDeck Roof Boards contribute to the green building movement with superior protection and long-lasting durability. Learn more by visiting www.densdeck.com.

Georgia-Pacific DensDeck roof boards contribute to the green building movement
Regionally manufactured, durable, sound resistant and strong enough to support alternative energy systems, DensDeck is the superior choice when it comes to buil