The Wildlife Habitat Council -- a nonprofit, non-lobbying group of conservation organizations, corporations, and individuals -- works at the intersection of business and nature, says Margaret O’Gorman, president. One of its flagship programs, Wildlife at Work℠, was established to provide a structure for companies to attract and conserve wildlife on their properties.

In this video, you’ll learn more about Georgia-Pacific’s implementation of the Wildlife at Work program at four properties, which are certified by the Wildlife Habitat Council.

At Georgia-Pacific’s Savannah River mill facility, which exemplifies the company's commitment to the program, the Wildlife Habitat Council has certified a 100-acre area that is actively managed by employees to improve plant and animal habitats. The grounds of the facility are currently home to nearly 30 wood duck boxes and over 40 bluebird houses. Since the program was implemented in 2008, more than 130 species of birds, 100 plant and tree species, and at least 12 mammal species have been documented on the mill’s property.

Michelle Liotta, environmental program manager for Georgia-Pacific, explains, “We value protecting the environment at Savannah River Mill. It’s important to do the right thing for society and for our company, it creates value, and it’s the legacy that we want to leave for our children.”

Conservation initiatives get a boost with the Wildlife at Work program
Working with the Wildlife Habitat Council, Georgia-Pacific improves habitats, protects wildlife on its properties