Fighting a fire is unlike anything else, and until you’ve done it, it’s impossible to understand what it’s like.

"It’s something you can’t read in a book,” said Brian Miller, Georgia-Pacific fire chief.

That’s one reason fire departments use training facilities known as burn buildings. Training in a burn building can make fire departments more efficient and reduce firefighter and civilian injuries and deaths, not to mention property damage.

But burn buildings are expensive, as is every piece of fire-fighting equipment. Fire departments in the United States — most of which are all volunteer — are vastly underfunded.

Georgia-Pacific is committed to helping fire departments protect their communities. Through the Georgia-Pacific Bucket Brigade program, it contributes funds to fire departments that serve their local facility communities. Those funds help replace outdated, much-needed equipment.

Watch the video to hear Fire Chief Miller and two Florida fire chiefs describe what it’s like to fight a fire, how access to a burn building helps firefighters get to and rescue fire victims sooner and what kind of new equipment the Bucket Brigade grants have helped to fund.

Since 2006 Georgia-Pacific has contributed more than $2.2 million to fire departments through cash grants, safety education materials and National Volunteer Fire Council memberships. Learn more at

Georgia-Pacific’s Bucket Brigade grants are fighting fire with funds
Georgia-Pacific is committed to helping fire departments protect their communities through its Bucket Brigade program.