Announcer: A community is more than the sum of its citizens. Education, Infrastructure, environment, and business are also part of the equation. Improving them takes investment and commitment. Georgia Pacific is committed to improving the quality of life within the communities where its employees live and work. Atlanta's M. Angus Jones Elementary is just one beneficiary.

Man 1: Well, when we arrived we noticed that there's trash, beer bottles, needles, used condoms...It was very gloomy. The lighting was very dim. There was like a mold smell on the inside. The carpet was just old and very used.

Announcer: Georgia Pacific worked with the Atlanta Public School System to build the new facility.

Man 2: So we rewired the whole lighting system in the school. We built a science lab, an interactive computer lab...we also built an outdoor amphitheater for the school and a learning garden.

Announcer: As for improving education for the school, the company's first step was to talk to the principle.

Woman 1: What she said that she needed most, was employees, from Georgia Pacific to come in to the school and to work with the students one on one.

Man 3: Then we got 100 to 200 of our employees to volunteer on their lunch hour to tutor those students.

Announcer: The result...Georgia Pacific started the GP Buddy Program. The program began with students in the third grade.

Woman 2: Third grade is a pivotal grade. Four out of ten students who are not successful in third grade in terms of literacy usually don't graduate from high school.

Announcer: To increase the effectiveness of the program as a whole, the employees worked with a portion of the students in each class.

Woman 3: We decided to focus on what they call the 'bubble students', and that's those student that are 'C' students, but with a little push can be
'B' students, or 'B' student with a little edge can be 'A' students.

Man 4: By us doing that, it allows the teachers to focus more on the other students in the classroom that may, need a little bit more help.

Announcer: Each pair of employees continues to work with the same student throughout the third, fourth, and fifth grades. That consistency and stability delivers results.

Woman 4: The results have been phenomenal. [With] the children that are being supported by the GP Buddies do very well on our statewide assessment. They range from the high 80's to the high 90's in terms of reading.

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