How do you get kids interested in science and environmental issues? One of the most important factors is ensuring that their teachers are excited, engaged and inspired with skills and techniques they can use in their individual classrooms. The Keystone Center, an independent, non-profit organization in Keystone, Colorado, brings educators together to gain confidence and skills in teaching science in the context of current events.

In this video, teachers who have attended the Key Issues Institute educator program talk about how it has motivated them to make science fun in the classroom.

"The best way to teach students is to teach educators," says Anne Love, Educators Program Director.

The Keystone Science School believes that highly skilled teachers are crucial in influencing student achievement. The program offers teachers a step-by-step framework for exploring environmental issues with their students in a non-biased fashion, investigating all sides of an issue. At the school, teachers go through the same learning process that they will be using with their students.

Teachers who have attended the Keystone Science School educator programs say they can even use this framework across disciplines, in social studies, English and even the arts.

"I would absolutely recommend the Key Issues Institute to my colleagues in my district and across New York State. I'm enthused about bringing this back home and spreading the word to as many educational leaders that I can," says 8th grade math teacher Colleen Ryan.

The Keystone Center is able to do this at no charge to teachers, thanks to the generous donations of corporate sponsors like Georgia-Pacific. As a supporter of the Keystone Center and Key Issues Institute, Georgia Pacific has helped nearly 150 educators incorporate fun and effective learning techniques into their curricula. Over 15 years, the teachers who have attended the program have impacted nearly 10,000 students in communities across the nation.

Keystone Center teaches educators how to get kids excited about the environment
The Keystone Center's Science School educator programs reinforce teachers' confidence and skills in helping kids learn.