For almost 55 years, the Lumberjack World Championships® in Hayward, Wisconsin, have drawn both seasoned professionals and curious amateurs to test their skills in a variety of competitions, ranging from chopping and sawing to pole climbing and logrolling.

Lawyers and full-time lumberjacks, those who have made this a family affair and those who have discovered a new passion, men and women alike all travel to Hayward, a town that has its roots planted solidly in the logging industry. Over $50,000 in prize money—one of the largest purses for a timbersports competition in the world—is offered to participants, who return year after year to compete in front of cheering crowds of thousands.

According to Executive Director Diane McNamer, the championships have continued to thrive in part because of the contributions from sponsors such as Brawny, a Georgia-Pacific brand. “To actually have all the wood, the number of competitors that come here, the prize money that we pay out, and to have the world ranking that we do, we simply could not survive without the help and support of our sponsors,” she explains in the video. "For all of the competitors, what we’re trying to do is not only keep that piece of heritage alive but also herald what the American lumberjack meant to this quadrant of northwest Wisconsin.”

Lumberjack World Championships
Celebrating strength, skill, and heritage, competitors take part in logging-related events such as sawing and pole climbing