What do the Rolling Stones have in common with sustainable forestry? While this might sound like the beginning of a riddle, the answer is Chuck Leavell. As keyboard player for one of the most renowned rock bands of all time, Leavell also happens to be the co-founder of Mother Nature Network and is considered one of the most dedicated conservationists in the world.

In this video, Leavell shares his passion for sustainable forestry, an interest that started when his wife inherited a plot of land. Following the motto of “leave the land in better shape than when you found it,” Leavell knows that the resources we get from wood have a tremendous impact on our lives. Sustainable forestry encourages a balance between harvesting and replacing, responsibly taking advantage of the forest materials to meet society’s demand for products while consciously caring for the land. More simply put, as Leavell says, “Take care of the forests and they will take care of you.”

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