By Farren Davis,


Running an eco-friendly business can help the planet – and your profits.


Studies show nearly 70 percent of consumers would buy a product because of the corporate social responsibility initiatives of the brand or company.


When Naomi Whittel started her award-winning neutraceutical company Reserveage Organics, she made protecting the planet one of her core values. How did she do it?


“Gaining employee buy-in with programs and initiatives is crucial to the success of your eco-friendly business,” she says. “When employees embrace these practices, the success of the company is limitless.”


Looking to make your company more environmentally friendly? Experts suggest printing double-sided documents, using refurbished office furniture and unplugging equipment when not in use. Reserveage’s sustainability practices include packaging products in recycled materials and using vegetable-based inks.


Small Business Trends recommends starting a “green” team to begin a company recycling policy and providing incentives like gift cards and rewards for taking public transportation or carpooling to work.


The book "Cradle to Cradle" has more eco-friendly office tips, like covering rooftops with soil and plants for natural insulation and using synthetic paper not made from trees.


Plus, A Climate for Change suggests using the sleep function on your computer and sensor-regulated lighting at your office.


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