If you're one of the many followers of the Mother Nature Network over at Twitter, you know that there are thousands of interesting conversations going on around green topics at any given moment. So when the technology team at JustSignals.com approached us about a new widget they had created around social media, we gave them an enthusiastic yes.

By visiting our new Green Jobs channel, you can also jump into conversations at Twitter around the green economy.  Some of the participants will be people you know from MNN and others will be new faces to you, but all are talking about the economic topics that are of concern to you.

You can read interesting tweets while visiting MNN or you can even contribute your own posting by logging into Twitter right on the screen. Everyone you're connected to via Twitter can see it and join the conversation as well.

Let us know how this technology works for you. We're hoping you find it as helpful and immediate as our team has found.  You can leave your comments below or write us at Contact@mnn.com

About our Green Jobs Twitter feed
If you're looking for or offering a green job, here's a great new way to let your fellow MNNers know