In April, Greenpeace USA announced that the organization’s Grassroots Director would be taking the helm as the new Executive Director.  Philip Radford joined Greenpeace USA in 2003 and with his promotion, the organization is now looking to hire a replacement Grassroots Director.

Company:  Greenpeace USA

Position:  Grassroots Director

Location:  Washington, DC

Salary:  Not listed

Greenpeace was formed in 1971 to protest the nuclear testing being conducted off the coast of Alaska.  In the nearly four decades since, Greenpeace has grown tremendously.  The organization has offices in more than 30 countries that focus on some of today’s most pressing environmental issues including global warming, the disappearance of the planet’s forests, and the hazards of nuclear energy.

The Greenpeace USA Grassroots Director will manage a staff of 45 employees in 24 cities across the United States.  The staff members are divided into four teams:  online organizing, field work, student organizing, and canvass-campaign work.  The Grassroots Director will report directly to Philip Radford, Greenpeace USA’s Executive Director.

This is a senior-level position and so senior-level qualifications are needed in order to secure this position.  However, individuals early in their grassroots advocacy career may find it helpful to see what will be needed to attain such a position in the future.

The following list of qualifications is just a small sampling of what is detailed in the job listing:

  • 10 years experience managing grassroots work
  • Commitment to non-violence as a means of affecting change
  • Knowledge of social network mobilization
  • Staff management experience
  • Budget creation and management experience
  • Willing to do whatever needs to be done to make the campaign work, with a smile
Greenpeace describes their ideal candidate as “a senior strategist with experience managing organizers implementing diverse techniques. You are adept at working across teams and departments, as well as with external vendors, partners and allies. You train staff, design and run ongoing volunteer programs, and work your team to build Greenpeace’s long-term outreach strategies, business models, and grassroots field capacity.”

For more information, or to apply for the Grassroots Director position, visit the Greenpeace USA website.

Green job of the week: Grassroots director
Greenpeace USA is seeking a senior strategist with experience managing organizers to mobilize grassroots members.