This week’s featured green job isn’t going to provide a pathway out of poverty for someone, nor is it a six-figure green job. Instead, it is the perfect “job” for someone that is both eco and fashion conscious.

Company: Canopy Verde

Position: Handbag Model

Location: New York, New York

Salary: A free handbag

Canopy Verde handbags are made from chrome-free leather and organic cotton. By using chrome-free leather, Canopy Verde prevents toxic chemicals from leeching into the soil and water during the manufacturing process.

Canopy Verde’s products are manufactured in China. Although millions or products are manufactured in China, there is more to Canopy Verde’s choice of the country as home to its manufacturing process. One of the company’s goals is to help other local manufacturers understand the environmental impact of what they do. Linda Wong, who was raised in Taiwan, founded Canopy Verde and so the decision to manufacture the products in China was a purpose-driven choice.

“Canopy Verde was born in Fall 2008 with seven styles ranging from clutches to weekenders, all made of organic cotton and bamboo blend fabric, chrome-free leather, OEKO-TEX 100 certified dyes, and chemical free embroidery.” Source: Canopy Verde

Canopy Verde’s current handbag designs include the multi-use Cassia Weekender, the classically styled Juniper tote, and the Willow Bowler. Handbags are priced between $169.00 and $249.00.

Canopy Verde is a new company and they have chosen to advertise their handbags in a unique way. “We are looking to build the brand using a grassroots approach and would like to find the right individuals to carry our handbags around New York City.” Source: TreeHugger

While this isn’t a traditional job, in that it won’t pay any bills, it is a great way for a fashion forward consumer to advertise an earth-friendly and fashionable product line. Green building and renewable energy jobs are two of the more popular green trends but as consumers realize the impact that their fashion has on the environment, eco-friendly clothing lines are likely to see a surge in demand for their products.

To apply for this position, visit the job board: Handbag Model.

Green job of the week: Handbag model
Attention eco-fashionistas in New York City, Canopy Verde is searching for handbag models as part of a grassroots advertising campaign.