GoodGuide operates a website with a massive database of consumer products. The products are rated on their health, environmental, and social impacts and then given an overall score. The product’s score helps consumers make better choices while shopping. In addition to the website, the company recently launched the GoodGuide iPhone application, which became wildly popular after it appeared in an iPhone commercial. To help keep their product on the cutting edge, the company is searching for a Rock Star User Interaction Engineer.

Company: GoodGuide, Inc

Position: Rock Star User Interaction Engineer

Location: San Francisco, CA

Salary: DOE

Don’t let the “Rock Star” in the position title fool you; you will not be on stage singing the latest rock and roll hits. Instead, the prospective applicant will need to have that “Rock Star” attitude, plus some technical skills to back that attitude up.

The company is using Rails, Linux and MySQL so advanced knowledge of those products is must. Additionally, the comprehensive knowledge of, and experience with, the following software products/technologies is required: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash, CSS, JavaScript, and Ajax.

Although a college degree is not required, an art or design degree and iPhone design experience is a plus. The prospective candidate should have at least three to five years of experience in the industry and a portfolio of previous design projects.

The Apple App Store, which houses the GoodGuide iPhone application, has experience unequaled success in the digital application market. In July, Apple announced that in its first year online, the App Store topped 1.5 billion downloads.

“The revolutionary App Store has more than 65,000 apps available to consumers in 77 countries, allowing developers to reach tens of millions of iPhone and iPod® touch users around the world. The App Store works with both iPod touch and iPhone.” Source: Apple

The user interaction engineer will have the opportunity to work on an application that will get worldwide exposure while helping thousands of consumers make greener choices while shopping.

To apply for this position, read the entire job description for more details: User Interaction Engineer (PDF).

Green job of the week: Rock star user interaction engineer
GoodGuide, home of the world's largest healthy and green product database, is searching for a Rock Star User Interaction Engineer.