Green jobs in Colorado are booming; clean energy jobs in the state increased by 18.2% between 1998 and 2007. However, many Colorado residents have green jobs that aren’t in the renewable energy sector. Chipotle, one of MNN’s top 10 organic fast-food restaurants, is headquartered in Denver. Chipotle employees aren’t out there installing solar panels, but they do work for a company with a strong commitment to sustainability. Chipotle currently has several job openings at its Denver location, including a technical writing and design consultant position.

Company: Chipotle

Position: Technical Writing & Design Consultant

Location: Denver, Colorado

Salary: Unlisted

Have you ever wondered who wrote the employee manual at your company? It was most likely a technical writer. What about the instructions that came with your Ikea bookshelf? That’s also the realm of technical writers.

Technical writers create and edit a wide variety of company documents including policies, training manuals, and multimedia presentations. The technical writer’s goal is to take technical information and translate it into an easy-to-understand document.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, out of the 306,000 writers and editors employed in 2006, only 49,000 were technical writers. However, the expected job growth for technical writers through the year 2016 is 20%. This is double the average job growth across all trades during the same time period. As companies continue to embrace technology, the demand for experienced technical writers will only continue to rise.

Chipotle is seeking a technical writer that will be “responsible for writing, designing, and editing materials that support Operations, the Chipotle Career Path, and our philosophy of shoulder-to-shoulder training that creates a culture of sustainable development within our restaurants. Designs these materials to appeal to a broad spectrum of adult learning styles and needs.” Source: Chipotle

The ideal candidate will have strong writing skills as well as experience with proofreading and editing. Additionally, the ability to multi-task and strong project management skills are required.

The prospective employee should have solid experience with Mac OS X, Keynote, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and the Microsoft Office suite is required.

While a B.A. in writing or a related field is desired, equivalent work experience would suffice. Applicants with restaurant operations experience will have an advantage of their non-experienced counterparts.

To apply for the position, visit Chipotle’s online job listing.

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Green job of the week: Technical writing and design consultant
Chipotle, one of MNN's top 10 organic fast-food restaurants, is searching for a technical writing and design consultant at its Denver office.