The lastest headlines: 

The Fairness Doctrine: The rise and fall of the Rev. Billy James Hargis makes our media columnist long for the days.

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Why Van Jones really resigned: MNN's Karl Burkart points to Americans for Prosperity.

 Our business blogger weighs in: What his resignation means for the green jobs movement.

• Who's next? One blogger says Obama should have supported Jones more vigorously.

Video: White House senior advisor David Axelrod explains Van Jones' decision.

Glenn Beck's view: The Fox News commentator calls Van Jones a communist.

• Van Jones resigns as Obama's green jobs czar. 

Background on Van Jones: 

Defining green jobs: This Washington Post video interview of Jones offers an in-depth look at the man in the news.

• Despite his celebrity status, Van Jones is at heart a community organizer

Profile: Meet the prophet of the green collar economy.

Middle Class Task Force: Watch a video of Vice President Joe Biden and Van Jones on growing a green middle class

• How do you define the green economy? MNN blogger offers some clarity.