With tax season just around the corner, this video will show you where you could receive some tax credits. Saving money and being green is a win-win situation. (Courtesy: Brighter Living)



Believe it or not, tax season is coming and you can save some green by going green. For instance, a 10 percent tax credit of up to $500.00 on energy efficiency improvements has been extended to 2009. If you do $5,000.00 worth of qualifying green improvements, you can get a 10 percent rebate, or $500.00. In 2009, you can get $200.00 for windows, $500.00 for exterior doors, $500.00 for roofing or insulation, and $300.00 for most heating, ventilation, and air conditioning improvements. Tax credits extend to solar as well. The new rebate covers 30 percent of the cost of new photovoltaic solar power systems on homes, and there’s no longer a dollar cap on the 30 percent rebate, so the more you spend, the more you save. States are introducing new incentives as well. It’s worth checking out the website dsireusa.org to find out what’s available to you. Not only can you potentially save money on your taxes, but you can make your home more energy efficient as well. I’m Jill Cordes.